Please contact us for shipping in your area as our schedule changes frequently

FREE boxes for summer shipping!

Please email us for your quote today!!

We use Canada post express post  or Priority for 90 percent for our shipping across Canada.

For international shipping please contact reptile express for cites and non-cites.

Please send your postal code when inquiring for a shipping quote.

We do travel to Toronto or Belleville to make sure your shipping is sent from a major distribution center. This will save time and money for all customers.

Please be advised that due to this we only ship on scheduled days. Please read all terms on shipping before ordering and be aware of Canada post shipping terms.

We do offer LAG

approx rates on a 21″x18″x15″ package(1-7 pieces approx.)

B.C. $30.00

Calgary $25.00

Saskatchewan $25.00

Manitoba $20.00

Ontario $15.00

Montreal $15.00

Note if winter shipping is in effect you will need to purchase an insulated shipping box and heat pad.  You may also need to use Priority for min 1 to 2 days shipping

delivery truckWe feel that front door deliveries are the best way for your Tarantula to travel.

If delivery is not available in your area and you would like it to be, please email us and we will let you know if we can make arrangements.

Group Deliveries $15

South/West to Niagara Falls region 

West to Kitchener region 

North/West to Parry Sound 

East  to Montreal  

North to Peterborough 

West  to Toronto  

We do have 4 locations for pick up.

Monarch reptiles ($10.00 fee)

Hamilton: Personal pickup
($10.00 fee)
Toronto: Personal Pickup
Brighton: our location

Please be advised that Picks ups need to be arranged in advance.

Montreal Hamilton and Ottawa deliveries will be ONLY after a scheduled reptile expo.

  • uline heat pack
  • Heat packs are added to all winter shipping
    Cost $3.00
  • insulated-shipping-boxes
  • unline insulated shipping container are used during all winter months.


Reptile express

For customer looking for an alternative shipping company we will be using reptile express. This will also allow customer who may live in the USA the ability to order NON cites arachnids and reptile. With their amazing service you will always receive your order on time and in a safe way.


Reptile express

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